Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use BobaMe?

All the feature is free to use. We only charge payment process fees when you start earning.

Will I receive/send actual Bubble tea?

No, there would not be any actual bubble tea involved.

How to withdraw BobaMe donation?

Click the withdraw button in the dashboard. There will be a real person contacting you!

What payment method do you support?

BobaMe only supports credit card payments.

Is it safe to use BobaMe?

The financial information you provide goes through Stripe's payment gateway after encryption. We will never store your payment information.

Who made BobaMe?

Believed in the future of the creator's economy, we want to curate an accessible ecosystem for creators to connect and grow with their audience by offering support and tools to turn their passion into their profession.

How to contact AnyoneLab team?

Feel free to drop any suggestion or question through email:

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